About man disrupted

Launched in 2018 with the belief that the art of being subtly awesome is something many of us strive for yet find vastly under-represented online.   

We like awesome stuff and we think you do too but nobody wants to be that guy so we've teamed up with some of the most understated cool dudes to bring you something different.  A carefully curated guide you to help you live your best life.

Our hope is that you'll find everything you always wanted to know here: reviews on yeti cup sizes -- what to wear to your best friend's rehearsal dinner -- how to cook a good first date meal -- set up a happy hour spread to wow -- source the finest gourmet coffee and the best methods to brew -- buy the best bottles of wine under $10 -- what to put on that Christmas list your mom asks you to make every year -- what your significant other really wants for Birthdays and special occasions -- how to shave your face in the shower -- good reads worth your time -- and anything else we think is awesome.