Green Enchiladas


green enchiladas

One of our favorite meals to eat each week just happens to also be really easy to make.  What started off as green enchiladas as evolved into more of a lasagna bake using all the same ingredients but less prep time.  That's always a win.

Flour Tortillas*
Green Salsa Verde
Cooked shredded chicken
Pepper Jack Cheese
Fresh cilantro
Salt + Pepper
Sour Cream

*Any size Tortillas will do.  We make Mexican a lot so I have just been using whatever is leftover from Taco size to the big XL.  You just need enough to cover up each layer.

1. Combine Fresh Cilantro + Chicken + Salsa Verde to make your filling
2. Coat the bottom and sides of your pan with butter
3. Place a layer of tortillas along the bottom of your pan
4. Spread a big spoonful or two of the chicken mixture on top of the tortilla layer
5. Top with shredded pepper jack cheese
6. Continue steps 3-5 until you're out of chicken mixture
7. End with a final layer of tortilla
8. Add shredded pepper jack cheese
9. Pour the rest of your salsa verde on top
10. Cover and cook on 350' for 45 minutes
11. Top with sour cream + lettuce + fresh lime juice

I prefer to use a dutch oven to create a really thick lasagna-like consistency but you can always use a baking dish if that's what you have.  The whole point is to keep it simple and use what you've got!


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