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  • The average sales price for a home in the area: $457,061

  • Median sales price: $351,112

  • The maximum cut-off for an HFA Loan: $300,000

  • Georgetown County Tax Rate

    • Primary Residence — 4%

    • Secondary Residence — 6%

  • Average cost of a home inspection in the area: $350-$450

  • Number of days on the market: 133

Julia’s engaging, dynamic, and driven personality paired with her eye for style enables her to perfectly match her clients to their dream homes.

Five things you should expect from your realtor

1. Scout

Consider me your personal shopper — I personally curate a list of homes tailored to meet your very specific needs.

Let’s be real, you have been stalking real estate online long before you arrived at this site or even decided to buy a house. Free search engines put thousands of homes at your fingertips giving more control over sourcing your dream home by yourself. Amazing. I’m an Amazon Prime member, myself. But that access allows every house out there to shout for attention with zero regard what buyer is the best fit. Virtual tours and google earth can only show so much; Securing a good boots on the ground operation becomes an even more necessary part of the home buying process to bridge the gap between slideshows with zestimates and factual up to date knowledge of the local market

The view is what you’re after? Well, that water view mentioned in the listing is only possible if you cut down all the trees in the backyard. Sounds easy enough, but its actually pretty cost prohibitive due to a city zoning ordinance outlining a hefty penalty structure. Plan to take the boat out every Saturday morning and spend the afternoon washing it in your driveway? Nope, not in some neighborhoods where strict HOA by-laws prohibit boats, trailers, RV’s etc. from ever being visible from the street. Moving is about more than just zip codes or square footage; the intangible and unquantifiable factors can make or break a successful fresh start in a new home. I’ll help you find a house that works for you.

2. Advocate

I’m here for you. This is what I do every day and I will go to bat for you every time. The sellers have their own coach making plays to get their client the highest possible profit in the shortest timeframe. Why not let the seller pay for you to have a professional negotiator on your team too?

3. Coordinate Inspections

broker connection.jpg

Once the contract has been signed, I schedule and attend all inspections in order to provide you with a fully comprehensive picture of the home you’re about to purchase. Like the list of ingredients on the food you buy, its important to know whats inside those four walls and not just pick the pretties box. Some homes need more than just a standard inspection so I also coordinate inspections for septic tanks, buried propane tanks, chimneys, etc. when needed as well as contact contractors for estimates on repairs or renovations. Unlike most states, South Carolina inspection reports are not required to include estimated cost of repair so those local contacts are extremely important.

  • While not required, I always recommend the buyer attend all inspections if possible. Not only is it a lot easier to ask questions and get a more detailed explanations on the spot.

  • This is also a great time to measure for furniture, assess paint colors, flooring, appliance upgrades and other cosmetic changes.

4. Manage Transaction

I walk you through the entire process from start to finish to ensure you have everything you need to close on time. You’ll receive a personalized timeline of key dates plus a checklist of your responsibilities including supplying the closing attorney and loan officer with any necessary documents and information. Yes, at the very least you’re going to need a mortgage broker, an attorney, inspector, insurance agent, and a qualified home inspector.

5. Continued Support

Nobody likes to be ghosted. I’m here to help you live your best life, not just buy a house. So many new questions come up once the deal is closed and you settle in. Thought that existing carpet was fine for a while but realized on day one that it must go? We’ll send you our floor guy. Need a list of local summer camps, after school programs, tennis courts, Churches, Synogogues, or seniors programs? Done. Best place to pick up a delicious pie for when the in-laws come to visit? Got you covered. Spoiler alert- It’s Kudzu. Need someone to reupholster chairs, hem jeans, highlight your hair? Le’s get you connected with the right people. Directions to the nearest Target and Homegoods? Priority number one.