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You need to know where you are headed before you can get there. Have you already bought another home? Do you need the proceeds from this sale to close your next house? Are you already living and working in another state? Are you casually thinking about making a change and want to see if you can sell your house before you fall in love with the next one? Do you plan to request a lease-back option to delay a physical move or is your home already cleared out and empty? Have you met with your lender to discuss your options? These are important factors that affect asking price and our negotiating strategy.


This is the really big question you’ve been obsessing over — but before you get too married to a zestimate — consult your Realtor for a reality check based on current pricing information and market conditions in your area. There are so many factors that go into pricing and you want to get it right the first time — average number of days homes in your area are on the market, price reduction patterns, list price to sales price ratios, and price per square footage should all be considered along with a very detailed comparison analysis. Your agent tours homes in your area weekly and knows the condition and expectations of the buyers, another important factor in pricing.


With the first two out of the way, its time to get real with no. 3 — PREPARE & REPAIR. You may be tempted to jump start all those projects you’ve been meaning to tackle before you consult with your Realtor so you can dazzle them with your pretty house at the initial consult, but, here’s why its better to wait — your Realtor can give you professional guidance on which areas will get the best return on investment saving you time and money. Some updates might be completely unnecessary or should be prioritized much lower on your list.

client expectations


What my clients can expect

  • Complimentary staging and professional organization services for listings, saving clients thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses, reducing stress and enabling higher sales prices for their homes.

  • Unparalleled custom marketing plans to capture local, regional and international buyers including beautiful custom websites and print marketing for each listing.

  • Professional photography and video production highlighting your home’s best features, and drive social media and internet traffic through the most effective channels available.

  • innovation and a promise to leverage the latest technology to make the process of buying or selling a home more relevant, fun, and socially connected.

  • the convenience and accessibility of an online experience combined with the face-to-face personalization of top-tier boutique service you expect.

  • Host wonderful open houses for agents, industry professionals and invited public to showcase the southern living lifestyle buyers are looking for today. Guests should be greeted at the door and welcomed in to your home so they feel that inviting charm from the very first step.

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Things to consider when shopping for a Realtor®


1. CUSTOMER SERVICE Count how many Realtors you know. Go, ahead-I’ll wait! It seems like every other person is licensed to sell real estate these days so what makes one more qualified than the next?

Unparalleled customer service every time.

Responsive Can you get ahold of them right away? A healthy work / family balance is hard to maintain but digital connection allows for immediate access to information and an ability to respond immediately without sacrificing time with family and friends. We might pride ourselves for being on beach time here but the business world doesn’t stop for piña coladas and you should never be left wondering if your agent got your email or wonder why no one has responded to your text.

Prioritize This person seems to be everywhere you turn and is always busy busy — they must be good at their game right? I’m sure they are, but are they too busy being busy to make you a top priority or will you be just another transaction. Will you work with them directly or be passed along to their team of assistants? Do they offer everyone top shelf service or just their luxury portfolios?

Immersed Do they work in real estate full time or just occasionally fit in a deal or two a few times a year in between tee times? This might work for some transactions but do you really want to entrust the sale of one of your biggest assets to someone who does this as a hobby? A Realtor fully immersed in your local market with a fine pulse on current trends and excellent adjacent industry connections can save you time and money.

2. OBLIGATION You used a particular agent on your last transaction and they are always so nice when you see them around town. You’re on their Christmas Card list after all. But while you might like them as a person, you’re not entirely pleased with the service you received during or after the sale. You owe them nothing.

3. COMPATIBILITY Let’s be real, buying or selling a house doesn’t happen over night. You are going to spend A LOT of time with this person so make sure it’s someone you enjoy being around. Do you feel like they get you and have a discerning eye for spotting your style. Does working together feel more like working with a friend? They might be a really great Realtor and such a nice person but if your personalities just don’t mesh it’s going to take all the fun out of things. Can you picture yourself excited to pop the bubbly together at closing? Life’s too short to spend time with people who don’t make you feel good about yourself. That’s the realtor you want to choose.

4. PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP Buying or selling a home is a major financial decision-yet it’s often packed with emotion. Many real estate transactions are complicated and stressful things do come up; a heavy conversation with a friend or relative can feel awkward and add extra stress while the exact same information discussed during a strategy meeting with a business professional is much less daunting. A neutral party can negotiate and fight on your behalf to guarantee you make the best financial decision possible.

5. TRUST Not only do you trust this person to guide you in the right direction, you know they have your best interest at heart and genuinely care about you and your family. The focus is on helping you and not just making a sale. When they say they’ll protect your confidential client relationship and go to bat for you-you know they mean it.


Does STAGING really matter?

Staging works because buyers are after a feeling and you need to offer them more than just a specific number of bedrooms or certain square footage — what they really want is a house that fits their unique needs and make them feel good. Help them envision living their best life.



Spoiler alert: Nobody likes a messy housE

Give yourself plenty of time to clean and declutter your home. Organize and pack up non-essential and seasonal household items. This includes your closets. The goal is to move out so you’re going to be sorting through and packing anyway, why not go ahead and do it now and really show off your home’s storage potential. Rent a storage unit to get it all out of your house. It doesn’t matter how much storage space your home has, if a buyer sees that you’ve used it all up they’ll assume you’re moving because you outgrew your home and question if they can fit their own things.

Make time for — or invest in — a whole-house cleaning, including carpet shampooing. Change light bulbs, make minor repairs, and add a fresh coat of paint to any room that needs it.


HELP THEM IMAGINE their best LIfe now

Making your whole house pinterest worthy isn’t always an option but it’s important to present your home as organized and up to date. Pick one or two rooms to wow them with swoon-worthy details. Prospective buyers spend the most time in the family room, master bedroom, and kitchen when touring homes so that’s the best place to start zhushing. You’d be surprised how quickly a can of paint and a quick trip to Homegoods can transform a space. Fresh white towels in the bathroom, a crisp new coverlet on the beds, pretty new throw pillows on the couch, and a few well placed baskets to corral mail and other items can make a huge impact.


First Impressions count — like a lot

Imagine this as a blind date — its important to put your best face forward in pictures online to draw interest but you also need to make the effort in person to close the deal. That’s curb appeal and its so much more than just an HGTV Buzz word. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression so make them love your house from the moment they pull up.

People like to be right. If they see an exterior in need of repair or an uninviting front porch they will continue to look for confirmation that this house is a lot of work from the moment they step foot inside. Transversely, if they drive up to a green lawn with fresh mulch and pretty potted flowers along a clean sidewalk they’ll be excited to discover what other little touches you’ve done inside.

Our service is tailored through technology, making us the modern go-to for real estate professionals, buyers, and sellers who expect the very best from the very best.


creativity + knowledge + skill


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using the latest in mobile technology


The Sotheby’s International Realty® brand has partnered with Smarter Agent to co-develop the FREE Sotheby’s International Realty mobile application, SIR Mobile. SIR Mobile is leading the charge of the growing mobile marketplace and helping our network own the mobile relationship with your clients and potential clients. SIR Mobile is unique in that it works on any phone including iPhone and Android, as well as the iPad, enabling the Sotheby’s International Realty network to reach all homebuyers that use mobile devices.

To enhance the search for a home, the Sotheby’s International Realty iPad app not only offers luxury homes for sale, for rent and recent home sale prices, but also provides the ability to hone the property search based on local points of interest and lifestyle (USA search compatibility only). It empowers the consumer to get to know the neighborhood where they're considering buying or renting.


Design your future home through an immersive Augmented Reality experience with Curate by Sotheby’s International Realty powered by roOomy. Built as a visualization tool for homebuyers, renters, and real estate agents, Curate by SIR uses roOomy’s state-of-the-art technology to let you see how furniture and décor will look, feel, and fit as you envision your home.


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